Short film


by Erik Lehmann

The story of a boy, who experiences the memory of his best friend for real 

Location: wheat field, midsummer

Time: a few minutes, day


Introduction: The movie starts in BLACK. First filmmusic starts, we hear first background sounds. During this, first introducing credits will be shown, then the first picture appears: Camera starts a vertical movement downwards. Blue sky with some clouds, after that some ears of wheat appear on the boddom of the screen. The camera sort of dives into the field and stops on the fields ground eventually. The angle shows crowded ears. Suddenly a red ball is falling down right from the sky and trops in front of the camera, only one metre away. The next angle presents a few seconds of a closed eye. It opens (iris' size is congruent in regard to the ball). One single tear comes out of one of the corner of the eye. MARTIN cries. Camera follows the tears flow a while and then goes around MARTINs head. We see MARTIN standing in front of a huge wheat field.


The sun stands high, the ears are shaking in the hot wind. MARTIN wears black short pants and a black T-Shirt (black is a symbol for reality). He also has a red ball in his hands (red represents energy and life). The tear on his chin drops down on the ball. His mourning sudden changes into rage. He kicks his ball far away into the field, where it disappears in an ocean of ears. MARTIN turns, checking if anybody was watching him. He sniffles, wipes off his tears and starts to enter the field very slowly. He walks sort of inquiringly, sometimes looking like he is afraid. The camera follows him and then dives into the ears, in some way it seems like the camera is losing control. The camera comes up the field, this time the camera films the other direction, MARTIN walks in front of the camera, but towards. With the rising of the camera, the effect on the pictures changes (symbol for another world). MARTIN stops, turns around astonished. He stands in the mid of the endless field (space and time sort of disappear), he is surrounded by golden ears.


His hand passes through the ears. He pulls out an ear and crumbles the granules in his fingers. Suddenly he hears the sound of the ball, when it drops into the field (same as introduction). MARTIN startles. Angles are following with scenes of the kick of the ball at MARTINs foot and a part of the trajectory of the ball over the field. MARTIN runs away. All of a sudden he seems to hear something again. MARTIN stops. His fear gets stronger. He turns his head and steps back. The camera moves backwards. Another boy (MORITZ) appears. MORITZ wears torned and worn out clothing in different dark-blue colours (blue stands for dreams and death). He seems to search for something, his head points in direction of the camera (his face is covered by shadow). MARTIN stands behind him and seems to recognize him and says:

                                                                 MARTIN (softly)


MORITZ lifts his head, his face gets light, he smiles, but he looks sick and pale. MORITZ turns very slowly. MARTIN runs away frightened. He runs terribly fast. Suddenly he stops abrupt and turns. Nothing! When he is looking forward, MORITZ sits in front of him and is searching for something between the ears. MARTIN wispers almost speechless:

                                                                 MARTIN (very softly)


While this, MORITZ does'nt look at MARTIN, but seems to feel his presence and turns, but MARTIN already starts to run away. MARTIN runs all through the field. Different angles showing MARTINs running around and the meetings between MARTIN and MORITZ vary, get faster and in closer cuts. Also supplementary cuts with angles from MORITZ' life inside the field will be shown (dirty face, searching dirty hands, worn up pants and shirt). MARTINs fears get stronger and stronger, because of MORITZ' appearance everywhere MARTIN stops. When MARTIN stops again, the camera does'nt show what he is looking at. A long shot shows MARTINs body reaching out the field. In front of him MORITZ appears. Something he gives in MARTINs hands. The next angle shows both pairs of hands. MARTINs hands close, MORITZ' hands pull back, nothing shows the capacity. MARTIN opens his hand and a little black mouse appears. When MARTIN lifts up his head, MORITZ is gone. Dumfounded he looks at the mouse, what is reaching for him from his hand. He puts the mouse on his shoulder, turns and starts to walk out the field. (Cut of time) Suddenly he steps out the field for the next moment. There it shouts from the field:

                                                                 MORITZ (shouts)


MARTIN turns, looks around, seeing the empty field and does'nt see anything. Angle against from inside the field: MORITZ inside the field, holding the red ball (camera stands behind him). In the foreground MARTIN still stands there and trys to find MORITZ.

                                                                 MORITZ (shouts)


MORITZ smiles and lifts the ball. It's not possible for MARTIN to see MORITZ. So he takes the mouse off his shoulder, still stares upon the empty field, then towards the mouse, strokes the mouse and has to cry again. MORITZ lets his hand go down, he turns, also he is crying. He passes the camera. MARTIN stands on the edge of the field. He also turns and leaves the field behind. The camera turns towards MORITZ to follow him, but he already is far away and disappears in the suns back light. BLACK.

Dim light. It rains. Some kind of freezing surrounding. The angle presents a cutten field. MARTIN appears. His feet sink down in mud and his legs get more dirty every step. He passes with his feet through the forgotten heaps of wheat. He stops. His hand finds a shred piece of the red ball. He holds this red piece in his hands and looks up into the sky. Rain is falling on his face. He smiles.

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