The adventure of a boy, who experiences the power of memories. A story about friendship, fears and searching and finding.


Short summary of the leading boy

Standing on the edge of a wheat field, Martin remembers his friend Moritz with tears in his eyes. But in some kind of anger, realising that the ball, he holds in his hands, doesn’t make any sense, because he is all alone and his best friend is gone, he kicks it into the field. By searching the ball, Martin gets deeper and deeper inside the field and inside an other world. There he meets Moritz. That is so unexpected and unbelievable for him, that he gets scared. No happiness but fears overcome him, because of the inexplicable reunion. After anxious running around the two boys finally get in touch and Moritz gives a remembrance of his current world to Martin. (Moritz Gleitsmann)


Biography of the director

Erik Lehmann was born in Leipzig/Germany in 1984. He finished school in Zwickau in 2003 at Clara-Wieck-Grammar School. 2000/2001 he lived one year as exchange student in Texas/ USA, finishing 11th grade on Brenham High School. He also made his first experiences as assistant to the director for the musical “The Sound of Music”. Erik Lehmann also took lessons in piano playing on Zwickaus music school “Robert Schumann” as well as being member of the magical circle in Zwickau. From 2001 to 2005 he was actor at the independent Children- and Youth-theatre “Mondstaub” in Zwickau. After finishing school he took a social year at the MondstaubTheater Zwickau by leading workshops for children and youth groups in theatre training. He was writing and performing his solo-satirical-political show and the play for youngsters “Everything extremely well!”. In summer 2004 he directed his first short film “secundenschlaf” (“microsleep”) which was screened at 21 national and international festivals and won four prizes till now. In 2005 Erik Lehmann produced and directed two additional children-short-films with the titles “Mysterious Depth” and “Eleven minutes of war”. 2006 "thirtynine.two", his latest short film followed. In 2004 and 2005 Erik Lehmann was part of several film production as member of the directing department of cinema films and short film production. For example the cinema film "Take your live" or the short film "Rochade" at Potsdam Film School HFF Babelsberg or a short film called "Interval" produced by the London Film School. 2006 Erik Lehmann was assistant for children casting at Kinderfilm GmbH in Erfurt. 



Erik Lehmann

mobile: 0049 – 162 - 1636738



Technical Notes

8.20 min., Germany 2004, short film for kids from an age of 10, Colour, 16:9, Dolby Digital Sound, filmed on MiniDV


Production period

Written in November/ December 2003. Final version of the script (July 2004). Shootings from July 30th till August 1st 2004 in Muelsen St. Niclas and Muelsen St. Jakob. Postproduction in Dresden and Leipzig (August till December 2004).



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